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People over 50 are starting businesses at an increasing pace

career: feeding the entrepreneurial fire in you

"As long as people are healthy and up for it, they don’t want to feel restricted. I don’t think I’m alone in that."

profile: jacqueline depaul, 48, computer engineer and model

"I’d rather go for it, and risk everything, then go back and go for something that’s more predictable"

profile: john mosler, 57, sculpture artist

The new sports car, divorce and relocation of a remote island don't hold up 

culture: the myth of mid life doesn't hold validity

One of the largest outdoor events in Europe with over four million people attending is not to be missed this year

travel: light show in lyon, the other great city of france

The tree house and the incredible access to the marine reserve plus the innkeeper’s stories are worth the visit

travel: zanzibar, the treasure on the coast of east africa

How posture affects your age and how good of a first impression you make

longevity: your posture and back health

Note to your financial planner:  you may live a whole lot longer than you were planning on read more

longevity: why gene editing is the future of medicine

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“I’m living proof that you can find work for an older woman. I’ve never worked so much as I do now.”

career: maye musk is the modern renaissance

"Had I known more, I probably wouldn't have even tried." read more

profile: jane wiedlin, 58, musician, san francisco

Not all ships are serviced equally and this one is the rolls royce on pristine waters read more

the anti-cruise ship: not your average luxury on the waters

“People have lost the habit of learning, and there’s no reason for someone above 50 not to learn something new"

profile: franck benhamou, 57, digital entrepreneur, hong kong

Why building lean muscle mass is the key to fitting into your own jeans read more

longevity: the importance of lean muscle mass

"I wake up every morning with it. I go to bed every night with it. I am my own creation.” read more

career: norman lear, 94, relentless producer

Layered, totally modern, with more than a whiff of Springsteen and Neil Young read more

culture: adam granduciel's personal album rings perfect nostalgia

The mob-free exclusivity travel destination before you throw in the towel this summer read more

travel: deia, majorca, spain meets your luxury needs on a budget

"If someone told me I couldn’t, I would have never surfed Mavericks and I would’ve missed out" 

profile: jeff clark, 60
surfer, los angeles

If you're planning for a long life, start with inside and outside protection read more

longevity: the essentials for perfect eye health

New research showing that being under 30 does not make you any better at being tech savvy read more

career: the digital native millennial is a myth

"I see my aging as a spiritual ATM where I cash out all my experiences" read more

profile: tara shannon, 61, women's content director, los angeles

"I think curiosity is absolutely essential—that’s the key to aging without boredom" read more

profile: edwina von gal, 67
landscape designer, new york

"I will take risks and if I fail and make a fool of myself trying to model in my late 40s, oh well" read more

profile: mary ann elizabeth, 48, model, philadelphia

"You have to create your own facts, your own reality. Because people are too unimaginative" read more

profile: marlo thomas, 79, actress and writer, new york city

"The parallel career is way of reinvention without as much risk" read more

profile: martyn thompson, 55, designer and photographer

“I guess I’m trying as I get older to let go a bit more, to allow things to develop. It’s something that’s happened internally"

profile: catherine grace o'connell, 56
fashion blogger, los angeles

"You know institutional and as individuals we're not made to think about men's health" read more

profile: craig cooper, 53, author, newport beach

"Take it slowly — don’t follow the pendulum swings of trends. Just step outside of your comfort zone " read more

profile: james hankins, 52, denim entrepreneur, los angeles

"You can’t start a reinvention, without reframing: who you are, what you can do and how the world works" read more

profile: john tarnoff, 64, career reinvention expert, los angeles

Why we love the city of Naples and how it will quench your thirst for adventure read more

your next travel destination: the anti-florence

"I am 50 by birth, but I do not think I have an age. My life is just starting." read more

profile: lola faturoti, 50, fashion designer, new york city

"Age is a major factor. It’s now or never. I can’t keep dreaming" read more

profile: anda andrei, 62, hotel designer, new york city

"I don’t see an up and a down; I see this linear upward trajectory to life” read more

profile: bella mccloud, 57 psychology phd candidate, laguna beach