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A new reality and new possibilities of life after 50. Live fast, live long.

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"You have to know what is important to you in order to make your life pleasant."

profile: yazemeenah rossi, 62, model/photographer, malibu

"I can't fathom not wanting to learn for the rest of my life."

profile: felix del toro, 51, chief merchandise/design officer, la

Silicon Valley's Revance teams up with Mylan to make a bio-similar product.

culture: botox gets a competitor in the cosmetic market

Companies are being awarded for integrating and championing older workers.

career: the benefits of a mixed-age workforce

These things have the power to move our thinking. The clothes aren't bad either.

fashion: dior and the pet shop boys owning it

Isabella Rossellini will return (21 years after she was dropped) as the face of Lancôme

culture: hats off to this mega cosmetics company

My keynote, a new assistance robot, and the effects of loneliness.

technology: HIMss 2018 conference review

A rare cruise ship vacation that we are totally into.

travel: nat geo expeditions in antarctica

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"I was self taught. I asked a lot of questions and had other people help along the way."

profile: magnus walker, 50, porsche customizer, los angeles

"I may take two or three years off and do nothing. I may just craft."

profile: shannon scott, 55, startup founder, los angeles

"I need to always be thinking about the future and trying to do things fresh."

profile: matthew hilton, 61, furniture designer, london

Annabelle Gurwitch on the "astonishing" book that she hasn't started writing yet.

career: ode to the awesomeness of procrastination

"What is an over-60 person supposed to do when they have no interest in retiring?"

career: len psyk with a report from the job front

Check out TOPIC, a digital publication diving deeply into subjects outside the news cycle.

culture: one hot topic a month. need we say more?

The first incarnations of the future of medicine are already here.

longevity: wearable tech diagnosing diabetes

Our fascia plays a crucial role in our longevity. So how do we keep it healthy?

longevity: ageist dispatch from inside the body

A few short interventions to improve the aging of your cells.

longevity: don't do this for us, do it for your telomeres

Like a lot of people our age, we have a certain passion for art books.

culture: los angeles zine and art book bazaar

David reveals a new reality, and new possibilities of life after 50.

news: ageist gets a write-up in socal magazine

"The part of life we really live is small, for all the rest is not life, but merely time."

inspiration: beyonce has the same number of hours in a day as i have

"I thought that if I could just help one person change their life that would be worth it."

profile: julie diamond, 53, personal trainer, los angeles

"For many creative makers, physical well-being is essential to the job they love."

profile: marco beghin, 51, founder, venice, ca

"It's a weird feeling to suddenly go from hiring the staff to being the staff."

profile: julie anne rhodes, 58, model, personal chef, los angeles

"The big dreamer" finds a way to "mutate" the idea of retail.

profile: jerome jacques, 51, entrepreneur, retailer, los angeles

"As I grow older, I feel less tied to anything — I see no limits or confinement on anything."

profile: randy miller, 59, lawyer, spin instructor, aspiring dj, los angeles

De La Espada puts on an experience for Stockholm Design Week

culture: let's pretend this never happened

The Dale Carnegie of his time offers some insanely great advice.

career: your network is worth more than your resume

For over 35 years, these women have been exchanging articles about inspiring women.

culture: an ongoing conversation between best friends about aging

The people most at risk in our world are those who do not learn.

transformation: get a book and read. read. read.

Exercise alone will not undo the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

culture: why sitting is the new smoking

The benefits of living an active, engaged, and purposeful life.

longevity: a discovery about life in rural spain

Erwin Redl's dazzling display in Madison Square Park

culture: a brief respite from the harsh new york winter

The very wise Gloria Feldt told me, "The men just need to make room for the women."

transformation: if i were a futurist, i would bet the future is female

Frederique Van Der Wal spends a week with the Huaoranis.

travel: a supermodel takes a dream trip to the amazon

If I want to live with intention, I need lots of actions.

transformation: don't let life happen to you

An interview about celebrating and selling to the 50+ hipster.

news: ageist sits down with psfk founder piers fawkes

No hospitals, nasty smells, or any other humiliations of age.

inspiration: how i would choose to go out

This getting older thing requires a lot of work, but the alternative is a drag.

longevity: high intensity interval training

Craig Venter on genomes and the risk/reward of preventative medicine.

longevity: you might not be as healthy as you think

We'll be strolling through packed streets, peanut ice cream roll in hand.

travel: old street, jiufen is renowned for its street food