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“It is my mission in life to bring awareness to the importance of having a voice..."

profile: philip foster, 54, voice coach, london

"It was scary, but it turned out to be the best thing ever to take a new job at 54."

profile: gloria feldt, 75, advocate, new york city

One feels like a voyeur walking through the space, with the ghost of Saint Laurent hovering.

travel: yves saint laurent museums in paris and marrakech

"A discovery in the real world that is so much more satisfying than shopping through Instacart."

culture: dashwood books, new york city

We’re picking this one to soundtrack our transition into winter weather.

culture: charlotte gainsbourg returns with rest

Surprising, charming, and well-designed. There is so much to like about this hotel.

travel: the arlo hotel, welcome to the future

The most powerful thing to do to change your circumstances is to change your thinking.

transformation: adapting is hard, but hard is not impossible

"The next time you are in an elevator, or a check-out line, notice the person next to you."

transformation: a new way to think about networking

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Welcome to AGEIST

We are a collective of thinkers, creatives and researchers, dedicated to promoting a better understanding of an emergent age.



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"There’s no quitting here now, there’s too many people who need help."

profile: joan severance, 58, interior designer, actress, author, houston

"If money was no problem, and I had all the time in the world, what would I most like to look at?"

profile: paddy renouf, 58, flâneur, london

"The key to victory for every age is being excited and motivated for whatever you are working on"

profile: rebecca rusch, 49, endurance mountain biker

Autophagy and intermittent fasting and repairing damage to your body.

longevity: the process of aging is well understood

"Something needs to change and it is probably going to be difficult."

transformation: you can do more than you think you can

Let’s embrace hard — but incrementally, as we are not used to it. Start small read more

transformation: taking small steps towards your next journey

"The calculating mob boss, the sensitive criminal, the down-on-his-luck barfly."

culture: steve buscemi, the hardest working man in show business

If you find yourself in the Mojave Desert, be sure to check out these gems

travel: sound baths and fantastic food

Welcome to all the new people who signed up from the UK! Great having you all with us. 

culture: moment of celebration for ageist in the london times

"Start slow, 3 minutes or so, until you easily get up to the time you want."

transformation: meditation has been valued for millennia

Margareta Magnusson explains how to go about cleaning up your life.

culture: the gentle art of swedish death cleaning

Classic, modern and elegant - As fitting from founders who hail from Warby Parker

travel: why this bag is your next travel companion

“Am I significant? Am I relevant? Will I be forgotten?...All I know is right now I feel free.”

profile: jeanette calliva, 53, pr director, london

"You have to recognize your calling. Sometimes it finds you no matter where you try to hide."

profile: alissa grimaldi, 71, opera singer, new york city

"You have to get rid of the stuff that doesn’t work and do more of the stuff that does work."

longevity: six ways to improve your life after 50

People over 50 are starting businesses at an increasing pace.

career: feeding the entrepreneurial fire in you

"As long as people are healthy and up for it, they don’t want to feel restricted. I don’t think I’m alone in that."

profile: jacqueline depaul, 48, computer engineer and model

What happens when cars are no longer human controlled?

travel: driverless cars increase mobility

For anyone who has spent a lot of time traveling through JFK, here is one to watch.

travel: twa hotel at jfk airport will unveil in 2019

The treasure trove in the desert that's only a drive away from los angeles.

travel: the palm springs colony palms hotel

"Art is not … like a financial institution that needs to execute XYZ hedge."

profile: john mosler, 57, sculpture artist, brooklyn

The new sports car, divorce and relocation of a remote island don't hold up

culture: the myth of mid life doesn't hold validity

Smell seems to be one of the senses that comes into sharper focus with the discernment of age.

travel: custom made scents by perfumer h, london

There is a certain joy that comes with putting pen to paper and making ideas physical.

culture: the leuchtturm 1917 notebook

Actor, producer, director and now, designer of his own fashion line.

culture: john malkovich, 63, the polymath

Lyon is now one of the leading cities in the world in terms of light and light show technology.

travel: light show in lyon, the other great city of france

The tree house and the incredible access to the marine reserve plus the innkeeper’s stories are worth the visit

travel: zanzibar, the treasure on the coast of east africa

The difference between actual and perceived age is 20 years, but that varies dramatically

longevity: seeing age, the age you are versus the age you feel

"If your work doesn’t cause you some fear, it’s time to take on a new challenge."

career: lucy kellaway of the financial times is in search of a new challenge

"I’m competitive enough to know that I want to show them I can still produce."

profile: joe matzkin, 71, attorney, boston

How posture affects your age and how good of a first impression you make.

longevity: your posture and back health

Note to your financial planner:  you may live a whole lot longer than you were planning on read more

longevity: why gene editing is the future of medicine