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A new reality and new possibilities of life after 50. Live fast, live long.

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"Life doesn't go on forever and I'd better be sure I'm doing what I want to do."

profile: peter gray, 74, author and psychologist, boston

"I was going to get married and have kids and that was the end of my short story."

profile: mary p shriver, 54, trauma informed facilitator, los angeles

"I'm like a guide...I just push it and pull the product to the next step."

profile: bonnie mackay, 66, product expert, new york city

"Ten years ago, I was very aware of where I would be now."

profile: andrew macpherson, 59, photographer, los angeles

Their scientists do incredible work. Let's get the marketing and imagery to match it.

culture: pharma ads didn't used to be this bad

There is a sense of power that ownership of one's age gives one.

community: the number is real and it counts

We recommend camping at Cape Perpetua, then driving up the coast.

travel: cape kiwanda on the oregon coast

TEDx was only 1,500 people, not 15,000, but I get why musicians live for that.

inspiration: everyone should do a ted-type talk

Book a visit on your next trip, and make sure you have good plans after.

fashion: violet grey on melrose place in los angeles

We happen to believe Martyn is a genius of color, light and shadow.

culture: martyn thompson rug collection launches

Everyone's wearing Breton stripes. These are the ones we like best.

things we like: kule striped shirts for women and men

The musical history of this place is just mind boggling.

travel: after 25 years in NYc, i finally made it to the jersey shore

This is the must-attend venue for diplomats, CEOs, architects and designers.

news: david harry stewart has been invited to speak

There is still a place for a well-designed, well-printed, thoughtful magazine.

inspiration: fantastic man magazine is one of the best out there

"Good design is cross-generational and universal in its function."

best practices: bonnie mackay on what makes a great product

We don't need a device to sense when our bananas are ripe.

culture: we need devices that make us smart at being human

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Welcome to AGEIST

We are a collective of thinkers, creatives and researchers, dedicated to promoting a better understanding of an emergent age.



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"I feel like the goal is to tell as many stories as we can before we're no longer here."

profile: dana johnson, 50, writer, los angeles

"There's going to be ups and downs, and you're going to deal with both and it's okay."

profile: gordon clark, 63, director/photographer, cape town

"The ego have to do more - at the end, what are you really doing?"

profile: bobby dekeyser, 53, entrepreneur, spain

Apparently Generation Z is the loneliest generation out there right now.

longevity: some numbers on loneliness in america

From putting your feet first, to taking care of your spine.

best practices: wendy whelan's tips for the non-dance professional

Kudos to mid-50s editor Glenda Bailey's piece on fashion fantasy vs human reality.

things we like: harpers bazaar may 2018

Bestia now has a sister Middle Easter restaurant, and the food is great.

things we like: bavel restaurant in los angeles

Hiring a truly intergenerational staff has myriad benefits.

culture: a simple way for retail to increase its sales

In a flat world of shopping options, this one caught our eye.

fashion: scott sternberg's newest fashion company

An MBA would tell me it's the least effective use of my time.

transformation: the best part of my job

Turns out we all have a tendency to overestimate or underestimate our abilities.

transformation: how to deal with self-delusion

"Take the dog out for a quick walk. He’s not thrilled with the brisk temperature, but I am."

best practices: felix del toro's ideal morning routine

From Barbie to cannabis CBD oil: adventures in a natural skin care start up.

"I find in some ways, it's just a lot more relaxing. I don't have anything to prove."

profile: chon noriega, 56, academic, los angeles

"A client once called me a mad word scientist, and I wear that with considerable pride."

profile: anthony shore, 50, namer, san francisco

"I can take a risk that maybe younger people shouldn't be taking."

profile: francine coeytaux, 64, women's health, los angeles

"There's not a lot of brands that are embracing this aging thing the way we are."

profile: sue cowie, 61, digital publications founder, los angeles

One of the newest faces of Milk Makeup keeps it simple.

We received this remarkable story from Kemper York, and just had to publish it.

recommendations: love at twilight in the digital age

One of the most intensely alive experiences I have ever had was in the bush in Africa.

travel: the 8,000 square mile wonder  of ruaha national park, tanzania

For every pair sold, another pair is distributed to a New York homeless shelter.

sponsored: give your underwear drawer the refresh it deserves

Jocelyn Beaudoin, profiled last year, is one of the new faces of Milk Makeup.

shout out: one of our very own is having quite a run as a model

"Nothing makes us look as old and out of touch as consistently talking about the past."

Thanks to The Fine Line for this delicious new recipe.

food: medicinal mushroom pizza from magdalena wszelaki

Seriously, summer is coming and you know you need protection from the UV.

gear: the official ageist hat is now back in stock

Renaissance magazine, with models all over 40, is our new favorite publication.

culture: an exploration of the beauty in aging

It isn't dangerous like some folks think. And, no, you will not turn into the Hulk.

longevity: why lifting weights is perfectly fine

My current state is controlled terror. Going to need practice. Lots of practice.

As von Keyserling wrote, "The shortest path to oneself leads around the world."

travel: the expat life increases sense of self

Keep it Chic is smart, of the moment, and done by a real pro.

career: preston davis is keeping it chic with her fashion site

James Slusser's app helps you build a better breakfast bowl.

Mark Bradford's "New Works" is on display at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel.

culture: a native son returns to los angeles