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A new reality and new possibilities of life after 50. Live fast, live long.

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"I find in some ways, it's just a lot more relaxing. I don't have anything to prove."

profile: chon noriega, 56, academic, los angeles

"A client once called me a mad word scientist, and I wear that with considerable pride."

profile: anthony shore, 50, namer, san francisco

We received this remarkable story from Kemper York, and just had to publish it.

recommendations: love at twilight in the digital age

One of the newest faces of Milk Makeup keeps it simple.

culture: jocelyn beaudoin's nightly skin care routine

Thanks to The Fine Line for this delicious new recipe.

food: medicinal mushroom pizza from Magdalena Wszelaki

Seriously, summer is coming and you know you need protection from the UV.

gear: the official ageist hat is now back in stock

One of the most intensely alive experiences I have ever had was in the bush in Africa.

travel: the 8,000 square mile wonder  of ruaha national park, tanzania

Keep it Chic is smart, of the moment, and done by a real pro.

career: preston davis is keeping it chic with her fashion site

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Welcome to AGEIST

We are a collective of thinkers, creatives and researchers, dedicated to promoting a better understanding of an emergent age.



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"I can take a risk that maybe younger people shouldn't be taking."

profile: francine coeytaux, 64, women's health, los angeles

"There's not a lot of brands that are embracing this aging thing the way we are."

profile: sue cowie, 61, digital publications founder, los angeles

"My goal is to have a photo in every room and office everywhere in the world."

profile: pierre vudrag, 54, startup founder, los angeles

For every pair sold, another pair is distributed to a New York homeless shelter.

sponsored: give your underwear drawer the refresh it deserves

Jocelyn Beaudoin, profiled last year, is one of the new faces of Milk Makeup.

shout out: one of our very own is having quite a run as a model

"Some of the very wisest people of any age that I know are perennially curious."

inspiration: challenging wisdom, embracing curiosity

Australia's Renaissance magazine, with models all over 40, is our new favorite publication.

culture: an exploration of the beauty in aging

As von Keyserling wrote, "The shortest path to oneself leads around the world."

travel: the expat life increases sense of self

The complex of seven interconnected rooms opened in mid-February.

travel: rené redzepi's noma in copenhagen

"Nothing makes us look as old and out of touch as consistently talking about the past."

career: how not to become ancient history

Mark Bradford's "New Works" is on display at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel.

culture: a native son returns to los angeles

The 61-year-old CEO of BenevolentBio is leading the way to curing 8,000 diseases.

career: jackie hunter and artificial intelligence on the hunt for cures

"You have to know what is important to you in order to make your life pleasant."

profile: yazemeenah rossi, 62, model/photographer, malibu

"I can't fathom not wanting to learn for the rest of my life."

profile: felix del toro, 51, chief merchandise/design officer, la

"I was self taught. I asked a lot of questions and had other people help along the way."

profile: magnus walker, 50, porsche customizer, los angeles

"I may take two or three years off and do nothing. I may just craft."

profile: shannon scott, 55, startup founder, los angeles

"I need to always be thinking about the future and trying to do things fresh."

profile: matthew hilton, 61, furniture designer, london

Silicon Valley's Revance teams up with Mylan to make a bio-similar product.

culture: botox gets a competitor in the cosmetic market

Companies are being awarded for integrating and championing older workers.

career: the benefits of a mixed-age workforce

Annabelle Gurwitch on the "astonishing" book that she hasn't started writing yet.

career: ode to the awesomeness of procrastination

"What is an over-60 person supposed to do when they have no interest in retiring?"

career: len psyk with a report from the job front

Check out TOPIC, a digital publication diving deeply into subjects outside the news cycle.

culture: one hot topic a month. need we say more?

These things have the power to move our thinking. The clothes aren't bad either.

fashion: dior and the pet shop boys owning it

Isabella Rossellini will return (21 years after she was dropped) as the face of Lancôme

culture: hats off to this mega cosmetics company

The first incarnations of the future of medicine are already here.

longevity: wearable tech diagnosing diabetes

Our fascia plays a crucial role in our longevity. So how do we keep it healthy?

longevity: ageist dispatch from inside the body

A few short interventions to improve the aging of your cells.

longevity: don't do this for us, do it for your telomeres

My keynote, a new assistance robot, and the effects of loneliness.

technology: himss 2018 conference review

A rare cruise ship vacation that we are totally into.

travel: nat geo expeditions in antarctica

Like a lot of people our age, we have a certain passion for art books.

culture: los angeles zine and art book bazaar

David reveals a new reality, and new possibilities of life after 50.

news: ageist gets a write-up in socal magazine

"The part of life we really live is small, for all the rest is not life, but merely time."

inspiration: beyonce has the same number of hours in a day as i have