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A new reality and new possibilities of life after 50. Live fast, live long.

"I create things that you’ll enjoy and they’ll look fantastic forever"

profile: jorge dalinger, 56, designer, architect, los angeles

"This is not something a girl does. And I'm going to prove that's not true."

profile: ellen way, 58, construction superintendent, los angeles

"It's always about meeting new people, new mentalities, different views on life."

profile: ben winkler, 52, photographer, florida

"How much of the age card is real, and how much can I actually do?"


Madonna turns 60, and is still doing what she loves, on her terms.

culture: happy birthday dear material girl

We almost don't want to tell you what we thought of it.

travel: lyon, france's second city (don't tell marseilles)

For the first time in 40 years, the top floor of the Colosseum in Rome is open.

travel: another reason to visit the eternal city

Big Sur lives up to its reputation as one of the premier drives in the world.

travel: highway 1 in california has re-opened

This section of Brooklyn is the home of hipsterism, and a global trendsetter.

travel: williamsburg, where the cool kids hang out

Turmeric cauliflower is a great source of all manner of goodness.

food: another easy to make, low glycemic dish

This is not about financial capacity: walking is free, and broccoli is affordable.

transformation: aging well is hard work, but the alternative is worse

With less distraction, the attention can be directed at something more human.

culture: turning down the volume on interior design

What may have worked for us 40 years ago will not work in our bodies today.

transformation: taking responsibility for what we eat

Very AGEIST profiles and visuals of fascinating women who get stuff done.

things we like: apiece apart online magazine

Keep it simple, keep it classic and you can't go wrong.

fashion: the summer white button down

The general idea is to provide a predictable income stream throughout your life.

money/career: saving for your future with annuities

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Welcome to AGEIST

We are a collective of thinkers, creatives and researchers, dedicated to promoting a better understanding of an emergent age.



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"If I'm going to stay relevant in my industry I can't be an old dude."

profile: omar albertto, 60, modeling agent, los angeles

"I find new ideas and different perspectives really rich for my creative thinking."

profile: sandra kulli, 71, marketing consultant, los angeles

"The more I find what makes me happy and what I enjoy in life, the younger I feel."

profile: michael blake, 59, dancer, new york

Without all of you this wouldn't have been possible.

news: founder david harry stewart's tedx talk

Zermatt, and the whole Swiss mountain experience is fantastic.

travel: standing in a swiss village at 5,000 feet

Answers to problems I may have found intractable will just appear.

transformation: the benefits of meditation

It's not about click and buy, it's about touch, read, learn and cherish.

culture: the good liver in downtown los angeles

Cruciferous vegetables are great, high-sugar orange juice not so great.

longevity: the relationship between age, hormones, and food

Dan Buettner's useful and entertaining guide on how to live longer and better.

culture: throwback to this new york times article

In acknowledgement of France winning the world cup, we bring you Radio Nova.

things we like: the coolest radio station on earth

The Ruth Bader Ginsburg movie is out, and we highly recommend.

things we like: rbg. hero. icon. dissenter.

We need to work on the cause, not the symptom.

longevity: don't immediately reach for the ibuprofen

"I don't feel old in any way, or older. If anything I feel younger."

profile: laura silverman, 55, writer and naturalist, new york

"Life doesn't go on forever and I'd better be sure I'm doing what I want to do."

profile: peter gray, 74, author and psychologist, boston

"I was going to get married and have kids and that was the end of my short story."

profile: mary p shriver, 54, trauma informed facilitator, los angeles

"I'm like a guide...I just push it and pull the product to the next step."

profile: bonnie mackay, 66, product expert, new york city

"Ten years ago, I was very aware of where I would be now."

profile: andrew macpherson, 59, photographer, los angeles

Portugal's second largest city is a town for small hotels and walks by the seaside.

travel: we suggest you have a look at porto

June Holz, global sales manager, gives us the rundown.

best practices: air travel tips for the frequent flyer

There is a sense of power that ownership of one's age gives one.

community: the number is real and it counts

We recommend camping at Cape Perpetua, then driving up the coast.

travel: cape kiwanda on the oregon coast

TEDx was only 1,500 people, not 15,000, but I get why musicians live for that.

inspiration: everyone should do a ted-type talk

Dr. Lisa Mosconi's new book is a quick read with some fascinating facts.

longevity: the brain is a very picky eater

Book a visit on your next trip, and make sure you have good plans after.

fashion: violet grey on melrose place in los angeles

We happen to believe Martyn is a genius of color, light and shadow.

culture: martyn thompson rug collection launches

Everyone's wearing Breton stripes. These are the ones we like best.

things we like: kule striped shirts for women and men

The musical history of this place is just mind boggling.

travel: after 25 years in nyc, i finally made it to the jersey shore

This guy is a star. Some of the very best pottery we have ever seen.

things we like: los angeles-based eric roinestad's pottery

This is the must-attend venue for diplomats, CEOs, architects and designers.

news: david harry stewart has been invited to speak

There is still a place for a well-designed, well-printed, thoughtful magazine.

inspiration: fantastic man magazine is one of the best out there

"Good design is cross-generational and universal in its function."

best practices: bonnie mackay on what makes a great product

We don't need a device to sense when our bananas are ripe.

culture: we need devices that make us smart at being human