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ageist editors | may 31, 2018

designing a great product

We get calls all the time from people who “want to sell stuff to old people.” Yes, that is exactly the language they use. Can you imagine someone like Steve Jobs saying that?

Having product expert Bonnie Mackay with us this week, we asked her: How does one go about designing an amazing product?

-Good design is cross-generational and universal in its function.

-When I am both critiquing and selecting, I look for a design that enhances our life. When it is held, used, sat on, and worn, the experience is AH HAH ...YES !

-And I always ask: Have you personally used or worn your product? I am always amazed who has not. The key to its success is the experience of your creation. I learned this from Sori Yanagi, Ward Bennett, Reiko Sudo and Michael Graves. Both Sori and Ward would not allow a product to go into production unless their samples worked. Reiko does the same with her textiles. Before I taught my class on universal design, Michael made me sit in his new wheelchair design for three hours. He was in his own at that time. I will never forget that experience.