business + entrepreneurs

cynthia adler 82
cultural explorer, new york


ayse birsel 51

brilliant designer decodes the process of reimagining the future with her new book

jason vass 62
gallerist, los angeles

sophia gruzdys 60
architect, barcelona

scott higgins 60
engineer, burbank

chris block 54
ceo, san francisco

scott higgins 60
engineer, burbank

tricia cusden, 68
beauty entrepreneur, london

how an English grandmother looked at retirement, and instead created a hugely successful global digital business.

lola faturoti 50
fashion designer, new york city

moving from Nigeria to London then settling in NYC, the fashion veteran works with a global palette in her business.

jacques rifkind 58
sales, los angeles

john dutton 51
architect, los angeles

bill kerig 62
digital entrepreneur, salt lake city

david cooley 52
career coach, los angeles

career coach at UCLA Anderson School of Management and business owner tells us the secrets of the successful career pivot.

steve radenbaugh 65
businessman adventurer, burbank

the irrepressible businessman inspires people to do more than they think they can through his own personal example of living.

len psyk 66
executive, seattle  

yuval bar-zemer 52
developer, los angeles

emily gassman 61
restaurateur, salt lake city

ophelia chong 56
entrepreneur, los angeles

seizing upon the momentum around the legalization of marijuana, she founded a photo agency for cannabis images.

keri aivazis 48
grocer, los angeles

the former high-powered business consultant happily downshifts to open a neighborhood grocery store.