NEW : annabelle gurwitch, 55
writer, los angeles


 cidele curo 56
 gardener, new york city

irene bilo 54
costume designer, new york city

frances anderton 53
radio host, santa monica

the London born ex-Bowie punk reflects on how the attitudes of this generation are fundamentally anti-establishment.

edwina von gal, 67
landscape designer, long island ny

kerri bouvier 58
sales, los angeles

doug tausik ryder 60
sculptor, los angeles

robert neubecker 62
illustrator, park city

the former Manhattanite discusses moving to Park City, never stopping working and the joy of building your own house.

cidele curo 56
gardener, new york city

actress turned new york city master gardener packs as much as she can into every day.

barbara bradley hagerty 56

mary ann elizabeth, 48
model, philadelphia 

sophia gruzdys 60
architect, barcelona


joe lewis 62
artist, los angeles

founder of the original south bronx graffiti art gallery discusses the perseverance and the 10,000 hour rule of expertise.