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ageist EDITORS | october 27, 2017

death cleaning

Most of us AGEISTs, perhaps because we have built up a strong, discerning point of view, naturally edit out the stuff that is not working for us to make way for new things/people/experiences that better suit us. We are a sensible lot. It brings to mind, from always orderly Japan, Marie Kondo and her cult of tidying up. Now, from the culture that brought us saunas and the current vogue of Scandi-noir mystery TV,  comes the catchy trend of death cleaning from artist Margareta Magnusson and her book The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning. In case you are not that interested in reading about Döstädning she has made an amusing short video to explain how to go about cleaning up your life. Highlight: “Imagine, you could die tomorrow, and who is going to take care of all this crap?” Exactly.