health + fitness

patrick clarke 50
director/producer, ireland

virginia gilbert 54
therapist, los angeles

joe abouzeid 59
orthopedist, los angeles

craig cooper 53
author, newport beach, ca

serial entrepreneur and investor, the self-proclaimed men’s fitness and wellness evangelist tells us what it takes.

dr. connie mariano 61, "I'm not your typical White House Doctor."

former white house medical director discusses the keys to living longer and better through the lens of former presidents.

joe friel, 71, scottsdale, az

joe talks about his science-based guide for the aggressive athlete who sees no reason to slow down after a certain age.

gilles berube 54
creative director, los angeles

waking up not feeling right one day he realized he needed to not just maintain, but to push the machine a bit more.

david harry stewart 57, AGEIST founder interviewed in los angeles

why is the emergent age group of people like us so different from any age group of the past? why are we doing AGEIST?

ginger barry 70
business owner, scottsdale

don’t put limits on yourself. get up every morning with a plan; there’s always something she wants to get done that day.