insight meditation timer

I started meditating a few years ago using Headspace, but after a year I got tired of listening to Andy, and wanted something simpler. One of our gang recommended this app. The nice thing about the Insight Timer is that I can set bells to go off every few minutes to bring me back and out of whatever wandering my peripatetic mind has been up to. It's really the only time I am totally 100% present. I use it 20 minutes every morning and at night. 


mizuno wave paradox running shoes

These Wave Paradox are a cult favorite around here. If you are a front-striking (as opposed to heel-striking) runner like some of us—much easier on the knees—these are your shoe. They have crazy cushioning in the front, without being squishy or heavy.  Great technology happening at Mizuno. If you are not a runner, it’s simple: think of them as support and balance, without looking like your dad’s Hush Puppies. For the longest time we thought these sneakers were an exotic rarity, but then we started to notice them in the gym and on runners out on the street.   We are not shy about asking people when we see something that may be a trend emerging; what we found here was unanimous enthusiasm:  Best Running Shoe Ever.


chewable coffee plus

Nootrobox is a San Francisco is a biohacking start-up that makes supplements with a specific emphasis on science and data that seem to be principally aimed at the coding/tech set, but have garnered a fan base among some of the AGEIST crew looking to stay sharp and on top of things. In particular, the Go Cubes: a perfectly measured 100mg dose of coffee with a few additions to take the edge off. Science-based dose-controlled caffeine from cold brew but without the jitters. Works for us. We are very interested in how the whole biohacking space evolves and are particularly interested in the approach Nootrobox is taking. Fascinating company. 



We can’t tell you how many times Wunderlist’s app has been mentioned in AGEIST interviews. And it’s probably not a surprise. For the tech-savvy get-shit-done crowd, it’s a must. We are also massive fans and have been forever. The premise is simple: make a plan (or a series of plans), socialize it, get it done, repeat. Whether it's staying on top of fitness goals, your commitment to expand your mind, or making sure that you don’t sweat the small stuff, Wunderlist takes care of it.