ageist EDITORS | december 21, 2017

facebook group shout out

The theme this week is intergenerational relations. We feel that all diversity is good: gender, age, race, nationality; it makes for more robust systems and deeper, more fulfilling lives. A couple of weeks ago AGEIST created a Facebook Group, Living Faster Dying Older. We learned that about half of you reading this are under the age of 45, and are thrilled that you are here. The pitch here is for all of you to join the conversations in the group. We really need your thoughts and opinions. If you are looking for a mentor or a mentee, maybe someone there will be open to that. Is there experience you can share about intergenerational relations? Is there help you can give? Advice? Sharing what is important to you? AGEIST is about breaking silos, about bringing new information and inspiration to everyone.  To do that, we need all of you, not just people my age.

The AGEIST team will be taking a much-needed break from our breakneck weekly publishing schedule to spend some quality time with the important people in our lives. We wish all of you a wonderful holiday season and look forward to getting back to you in January.

Thank you everyone for your amazing support. It’s been quite a year.