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ageist EDITORS | january 4, 2018

lifelong learning

Now that we all understand that to maintain, let alone excel, in the current hyper-speeded information world it’s necessary to intake a vast amount of information, how exactly do we do it? I aim to read a book a week, but it is more like one every 3 weeks. I try to reserve every night from 6:30 till 8pm for knowledge reading, which is not to be confused with reading for fun. There are some tricks people have shown me to help me get through the stack of books. The first is Blinkist, which is essentially CliffsNotes for grownups. They are short 20-minute reads or 20-minute audios. They allow me to invest a small amount of time understanding if the full read is needed, or which part of the book to focus on. The other thing I do is write in my books. I make notes, write ideas, underline, make drawings and really anything I feel helps me make the knowledge mine. I don’t do ebooks. The reason is that my memory is highly visual, and to me, not seeing is not existing. I’ve done this for decades and it turns a book into “my book” allowing me to see how I felt about a given thing at that moment in time.

What did I read over the holidays? Scott Galloway’s The Four, a thorough and clear-eyed understanding of the big four tech giants that rule our world: Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. It has been deeply influencing how I am thinking about AGEIST as we move into this next year.