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"I need to always be thinking about the future and trying to do things fresh."

profile: matthew hilton, 61, furniture designer, london

"I thought that if I could just help one person change their life that would be worth it."

profile: julie diamond, 53, personal trainer, los angeles

Check out TOPIC, a digital publication diving deeply into subjects outside the news cycle.

culture: one hot topic a month. need we say more?

De La Espada puts on an experience for Stockholm Design Week

culture: let's pretend this never happened

A few short interventions to improve the aging of your cells.

longevity: don't do this for us, do it for your telomeres

The benefits of living an active, engaged, and purposeful life.

longevity: a discovery about life in rural spain

"The part of life we really live is small, for all the rest is not life, but merely time."

inspiration: beyonce has the same number of hours in a day as i have

An interview about celebrating and selling to the 50+ hipster.

news: ageist sits down with psfk founder piers fawkes

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