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"My purpose in life is to choose joy in my life every single day."

profile: patrice tanaka, 65, ceo, consultant, dancer, nyc

"When I got older, what I liked is that the judgement goes away faster and faster."

profile: pierluca de carlo, 55, visual artist, director, los angeles

The Bay, once a comedy mecca in the 70s and 80s, has made a comeback.

culture: the annual sf sketchfest returns

Start your morning right with the official AGEIST breakfast smoothie.

longevity: cheers to the breakfast of champions

We're keeping two air filters running, all day every day.

longevity: the link between alzheimers and air pollution

There are standard spots in Italy, but count us among those looking for something different.

travel: the atlas gallipoli b&b in old town

Go full Anthony Bourdain-strange food, odd ways, languages not understood.

transformation: its time to get uncomfortable

Find someone who is passionate, and notice how their drive affects you.

transformation: passion leads to a sense of purpose

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