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“I worked, I built two companies — and I still had that feeling like I wasn’t allowed to take a deep breath.”

profile: jeanette calliva, 53, pr director, london

"You have to recognize your calling. Sometimes it finds you no matter where you try to hide"

profile: alissa grimaldi, 71, opera singer, new york city

What happens when cars are no longer human controlled? read more

travel: driverless cars increase mobility

For anyone who has spent a lot of time traveling through JFK over the last 4 decades, here is one to watch

travel: twa hotel at jfk airport will unveil in 2019

Smell seems to be one of the sense delights that comes into sharper focus with the discernment of age.

travel: custom made scents by perfumer h, london

There is a certain joy that comes with putting pen to paper and making ideas physical

culture: the leuchtturm 1917 notebook

the difference between actual and perceived age is 20 years, but that varies dramatically

longevity: seeing age, the age you are versus the age you feel

"This does not scare me as much as the thought of teaching ratios to bottom-set Year Nine. That truly terrifies me"

career: Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times is in search of a new challenge

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