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"I don't feel old in any way, or older. If anything I feel younger."

profile: laura silverman, 55, writer and naturalist, new york

"Life doesn't go on forever and I'd better be sure I'm doing what I want to do."

profile: peter gray, 74, author and psychologist, boston

"I was going to get married and have kids and that was the end of my short story."

profile: mary p shriver, 54, trauma informed facilitator, los angeles

"I'm like a guide...I just push it and pull the product to the next step."

profile: bonnie mackay, 66, product expert, new york city

Portugal's second largest city is a town for small hotels and walks by the seaside.

travel: we suggest you have a look at porto

June Holz, global sales manager, gives us the rundown.

best practices: air travel tips for the frequent flyer

There is a sense of power that ownership of one's age gives one.

community: the number is real and it counts

We recommend camping at Cape Perpetua, then driving up the coast.

travel: cape kiwanda on the oregon coast

Dr. Lisa Mosconi's new book is a quick read with some fascinating facts.

longevity: the brain is a very picky eater

Book a visit on your next trip, and make sure you have good plans after.

fashion: violet grey on melrose place in los angeles

We happen to believe Martyn is a genius of color, light and shadow.

culture: martyn thompson rug collection launches

Everyone's wearing Breton stripes. These are the ones we like best.

things we like: kule striped shirts for women and men

This guy is a star. Some of the very best pottery we have ever seen.

things we like: los angeles-based eric roinestad's pottery

This is the must-attend venue for diplomats, CEOs, architects and designers.

news: david harry stewart has been invited to speak

There is still a place for a well-designed, well-printed, thoughtful magazine.

inspiration: fantastic man magazine is one of the best out there

"Good design is cross-generational and universal in its function."

best practices: bonnie mackay on what makes a great product

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