“I’m on a path. And I’m seeing every day as a novelty.”

profile: beatrix ost, 77, visual artist, designer, muse, virginia

"I was able to start a business without having to spend any money."

profile: lori carter, 56, airbnb superhost, chattanooga, tn

“It is my mission in life to bring awareness to the importance of having a voice..."

profile: philip foster, 54, voice coach, london

Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton's work is on display this December.

travel: the helmut newton foundation in berlin

JR collaborated with film legend Agnès Varda on this whimsical documentary.

culture: the odd couple in the french countryside

Nothing says more about Parisian fashion and haute couture than Yves Saint Laurent.

travel: yves saint laurent museums in paris and marrakech

Grey and The SENS Institute work to postpone death indefinitely.

longevity: an audacious approach to aging

We understand calories, but it's also important to understand the glycemic load of a meal.

longevity: all calories are not created equal

We’re picking this one to soundtrack our transition into winter weather.

culture: charlotte gainsbourg returns with rest

We of a certain age have a few distinct advantages over robots.

career: emotional intelligence over artificial intelligence

Every day is an opportunity to improve our thinking and our actions.

transformation: we can move forward if we choose to

The most powerful thing to do to change your circumstances is to change your thinking.

transformation: adapting is hard, but hard is not impossible