"Ten years ago, I was very aware of where I would be now."

profile: andrew macpherson, 59, photographer, los angeles

"I feel like the goal is to tell as many stories as we can before we're no longer here."

profile: dana johnson, 50, writer, los angeles

"There's going to be ups and downs, and you're going to deal with both and it's okay."

profile: gordon clark, 63, director/photographer, cape town

TEDx was only 1,500 people, not 15,000, but I get why musicians live for that.

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Apparently Generation Z is the loneliest generation out there right now.

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From putting your feet first, to taking care of your spine.

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The musical history of this place is just mind boggling.

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Bestia now has a sister Middle Easter restaurant, and the food is great.

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Hiring a truly intergenerational staff has myriad benefits.

culture: a simple way for retail to increase its sales

We don't need a device to sense when our bananas are ripe.

culture: we need devices that make us smart at being human

An MBA would tell me it's the least effective use of my time.

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Turns out we all have a tendency to overestimate or underestimate our abilities.

transformation: how to deal with self-delusion