"As I grow older, I feel less tied to anything — I see no limits or confinement on anything."

profile: randy miller, 59, lawyer, spin instructor, aspiring dj, los angeles

"I’m not always patient. I’m trying to be kind to myself. I’m trying not to judge as much."

profile: naomi sorkin, 68, dancer, actress, interior designer, london

"I needed to be as much of a learner as I was a teacher."

profile: chip conley, 57, author, entrepreneur, san francisco

“I’m on a path. And I’m seeing every day as a novelty.”

profile: beatrix ost, 77, visual artist, designer, muse, virginia

"I was able to start a business without having to spend any money."

profile: lori carter, 56, airbnb superhost, chattanooga, tn

Exercise alone will not undo the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

culture: why sitting is the new smoking

I aim to read a book a week, but it is more like one every 3 weeks.

career: keeping up the pace with our high-speed information world

The pitch here is for all of you, young and older, to join in the conversation.

culture: a shout out to our facebook group

Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton's work is on display this December.

travel: the helmut newton foundation in berlin

JR collaborated with film legend Agnès Varda on this whimsical documentary.

culture: the odd couple in the french countryside

If I want to live with intention, I need lots of actions.

transformation: don't let life happen to you

We didn't think they would choose yours truly as their subject.

news: a branded-content collaboration with cnn

"I am 30 and my best friend Ines is 69. When out in the world together we attract attention."

transformation: a friendship for the ages

Grey and The SENS Institute work to postpone death indefinitely.

longevity: an audacious approach to aging

We understand calories, but it's also important to understand the glycemic load of a meal.

longevity: all calories are not created equal

We'll be strolling through packed streets, peanut ice cream roll in hand.

travel: old street, jiufen is renowned for its street food

A go-to retreat for spiritual awakening, or some good ol' fashioned skinny dipping.

travel: the esalen institute in california's big sur

ICYMI, we take a look at the (potential) benefits of risk-friendly behavior.

finances: stocking up before the holidays

We of a certain age have a few distinct advantages over robots.

career: emotional intelligence over artificial intelligence

Every day is an opportunity to improve our thinking and our actions.

transformation: we can move forward if we choose to