“I have very wide interests from highbrow to lowbrow - I won't tell you how lowbrow it goes."

profile: cynthia adler, 82 cultural explorer, new york 
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"I see my aging as a spiritual ATM where I cash out all my experiences."

profile: tara shannon, 61
women's content director

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"You know you can bring something to the art world that’s not being paid attention to now.” 

profile: jason vass, 62
gallerist, los angeles 
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"I’m part of the Bowie punk years. I think those 50-somethings are really anti-establishment."

profile: frances anderton, 53
radio host, santa monica

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"My job is to help people tell a story, and to flesh out their story."

profile: virginia gilbert, 54
therapist, los angeles

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Former NPR reporter and author dives deep into the world of present mid-day life

article: barbara bradley hagerty, 56
washington dc

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“If I did get a tattoo, I would get it right under my C-section and it would read ‘Under New Management’."

profile: annabelle gurwitch, 55
writer, los angeles.

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"You know institutional and as individuals we're not made to think about men's health."

profile: craig cooper, 53
author, newport beach
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