Shirley Manson, 49, from Garbage: We are NEVER too old. There is no such thing as being too old

"F*** everyone who is ageist. Don't they understand they are going to age too? That they are ultimately fighting against themselves and shrinking their own possibilities?!

We are NEVER too old. There is no such thing as being too old.

I will NEVER get to the point when I say:
"Oh that's it, it's time to STOP eating delicious food, painting my nails, listening to loud music, dyeing my hair, being a good friend, having ideas, drinking wine, using my brain, being political, having an opinion, having sex, wearing to die for shoes, taking risks etc etc.
I will never stop making music and singing just because some f******* douche bag at a radio station or a music magazine thinks I should. "

If anything we get BETTER as we wrinkle. We care more about what is important and yet care less about what is not. We know more. We f*** better. We lose better. We fail better. We laugh louder. We face death.

Don't let them tell you otherwise. F*** all those lemming cunts. Leave them to their childish obsessions and their own fears. March on regardless, completely and utterly undaunted. Don't shrink yourself down for anyone. Don't dim your own light but take up space. Elbow your way out of the little box you have been so graciously allowed to occupy and shine bright.
Oh yeah.....and fight power with ZombieGoth.
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