Who really is fighting back Hollywood ageism?

“After creating the ubiquitous cult juggernaut that is 'Friends,' [Marta] Kauffman felt a lot of pressure and set out to redefine herself with 'Grace and Frankie.' She wanted something more complex, that had more than 20-minutes to explore character development. 'I knew I could never top what I did,' she said. 'Both in terms of its success and how much fun it was to do, so I decided I wasn't gonna try. In thinking about I wanted to do next, I decided I wanted to go deeper.'

Perhaps counter-intuitively, Kauffman said she doesn't think of herself as a 'joke person.' She can write one if she has to, of course, but what has been most important to her in her writing is crafting relationships. With 'Grace and Frankie,' she hopes to delve into the sisterhood of these two women, who ultimately refuse to be defined by their age.

The premise, which Kauffman concocted specifically for [Jane] Fonda and [Lily] Tomlin, centers around the titular characters developing an unusual bond after they discover their husbands (Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston) leave them for each other. The two women find strength in their differences, with the uptight, martini-swilling Grace (Fonda) learning to open her heart a bit and caftan-wearing pushover Frankie (Tomlin) figuring out how to stand up for herself.

'We wanted to feel that this show could be aspirational for people who may have to start their lives over or for the belief that you can do things at any point in your life,' she said. 'You don't have to stop.'" via Huffington Post