Deshun Wang, The 80-Year-Old Model You Haven't Heard About Yet

Wang is actually an actor by trade, featuring in films such as The Forbidden Kingdom andWarriors of Heaven and Earth, but last year killed it on the catwalk at Chinese Fashion Week.

"Many people started noticing me after a catwalk show," he said. "Some people call me 'the hottest grandpa'. Some also said that I'm an instant internet sensation. But do you know what? To prepare for this day, I've been getting ready for 60 years."

So this is Wang's story - he started out as a theatre actor, then at 44 he started learning English. Aged 49 he started his own pantomime troupe and at 50 started going to the gym. Seven years later, he created the only form of performance art called 'living sculpture performance'. Then at 70 he really got into the gym.

-Ella Alexander via Glamour