The Mick Jagger Diet and Exercise Program

Mick Jagger’s Workouts

First, his personal trainer is Torje Eike, a Norwegian trainer whose clients include Olympic athletes and professional soccer players. Jagger’s overall exercise program is quite diverse.

He trains five to six days a week and his workouts emphasize stamina and balance. Leading up to a tour Mick Jagger runs eight miles a day including sprints. He also swims, kick boxes, and cycles. This would explain his ability to sing and move continuously during a concert without sounding short of breath.

He does some resistance training. To maintain his balance and POSTURE he takes ballet lessons and performs yoga and Pilates. On stage I did not witness any hesitancy in his movements and he still moves with a certain amount of fluidity, grace, and efficiency.

He’s been known cover 12 miles on stage dancing and strutting during a concert. I find this hard to believe though for a two hour concert as it would mean he is moving at 6 mph which is a running pace and he clearly does not run the entire show. At that pace he would complete a marathon in less than 4 hours (3 hours and 51 minutes if I calculated correctly). The numbers are more believable if the 15 minutes of encore time are included which would mean is he is moving at 5.33 miles per hour which is a jogging pace. I suspect that 12 miles reflects a three-hour concert which I believe The Rolling Stones performed in their youth which would mean moving at the brisk walking pace of 4 miles per hour the entire show.

Regardless, he is usually moving in one fashion or another most of the concert.

Mick Jagger Diet

He eats organic foods after being sold on the idea by Jo Wood, wife of Ronnie Wood band mate of The Rolling Stones. Jagger eats far more than people might think because he expends a lot of energy and I suspect also has a naturally high metabolic rate.

His diet is consistent with that of  high endurance athlete and consists of whole grain breads, potatoes, rice, beans, chicken and fish. While on tour he eats one pasta meal a day four hours before a show. This would ensure that his muscles are glycogen filled for his performance. He also loves avocados – a terrific source of healthy fats.

He consumes superjuiced smoothies for breakfast.

He uses the following nutritional supplements: vitamins A, C, D, and E along with B complex. He also takes cod liver oil (omega-3 fatty acids), and ginseng and ginkgo biloba which help endurance and brain function.

Long before they became fashionable among rock musicians, Mick Jagger has protected his hearing by wearing custom-made earplugs. He drinks minimally nowadays and reports no use of drugs in decades. And, he has found healthier ways to unwind and manage stress. He prepares for a concert two hours before it starts getting his body, mind, and voice ready for the performance.

-Dr. Joe Jacko via Live Long Stay Young