Danny DeVito On Being 71 And Open To Experience

Photo by Maarten de Boer

Photo by Maarten de Boer

The Talks: Mr. Devito, before your career as an actor, you made your living as a hairdresser. Did that help prepare you for the big screen?

Danny Devito: The whole idea of acting is that you draw from your life experiences if you can, you try to use the things that you’ve done. In my sister’s beauty parlor where I worked as a hairdresser, I was dealing with people every day in a lot of different ways; so you fall into certain powers, knowing what makes people smile, what makes people comfortable. It’s all about relationships. I think it helped a lot in that I was exposed to a lot of people, every day from morning to night. Those experiences free you, give you a bit more comfort talking to people, especially people you don’t know.

TT: Frank ended up being one of the most offensive characters on television.

DD: (Laughs) I do some crazy sh**. I do it all. Once you go in, you’ve gotta go in all the way, you know what I’m saying?

TT: Deep down you want to eat cat food and hijack a boat full of Japanese tourists?

DD: (Laughs)I have a big closeness to Frank because I really want to do stuff. I want to try things, I want to do stuff and Frank is a character that is with a bunch of young people and he wants to explore. He doesn’t want to sit on the couch.

TT: No, evidently he would rather crawl naked out of it.

DD: You get to your seventies, late sixties or whatever it is and… I don’t want to just sit and watch football highlights, you know? I want to do stuff, I want to get out, go, travel, meet people and have adventures.

Interview by Kaleem Aftab via The Talks