Alan Arkin, 82, Is A Proud Man

Photo via Crave

Photo via Crave

A.V. Club: Little Miss Sunshine has an amazing cast, as did Glengarry Glen Rossand Catch-22. Does being surrounded by so many gifted actors force you to step your game up?

Alan Arkin: I certainly hope so. I had that experience a couple of times with musicians. Over the years, I played with a couple of spectacular guitar players, and playing with them has made me play better than I knew how to play. I hope the same thing is true with acting.

AVC: Of all the things you've accomplished in your career, what are you proudest of?

AA: You're asking me all these definitions. I try not to make any kind of definitions that you're looking for, because they keep changing all the time. I don't know what I'm proudest of. The fact that my kids still talk to me.

Interview via A.V. Club