Founder Of 'Ageist' Featured On Podcast On Empowerment And Age

Show Note:

  • [07:00] In your own words, what Ageist is?
  • [08:00] What do you think are the factors that make some of your guests feel empowered at that age?
  • [09:00] There’s a lot of work behind producing an online magazine. What made you decide to start such a project? Where did the idea come from?
  • [15:00] What are some of the things you’ve learned during the past two-three years?
  • [21:00] Can you comment about people who have structured lives, a very well planned routine and life, and seek retirement as the utmost goal?
  • [24:00] What are some of your most memorable guests, or experiences you’ll never forget while producing ageist?
  • [31:00] Where did you grow up and how were your family dynamics?
  • [35:00] What were your dreams when you were 10 years old?
  • [36:00] How do you find interesting people and prepare your interviews?
  • [39:00] Who are some of the other team members you have for running and collaborating on ageist?
  • [40:00] What’s Ageist’s business model?
  • [44:00] How are people discovering Ageist organically?
  • [47:00] What are some of the tools and places you used to look for clients at companies?
  • [50:00] These days, what you you throw yourself at and what are the things you avoid?

Favorite Quotes:

  • [07:00] It’s characterized by an attitude: I am powerful, I’m not an invalid, I’m not injured, I have tremendous amount of capacity.
  • [09:00] ‘People (in their 50s) who take good care of themselves and look at the recent statistics, they think ‘Wow, I’m only half way through my life. Isn’t that awesome? I have another half of life!’
  • [11:00] In the advertising industry, there is this millennial obsession.
  • [12:00] The advertising culture tends to be populated by younger people. You won’t see much people over the age of 40.
  • [16:00] It’s an amazing wealth of wisdom. I personally learned that, so much of what’s going on in my life, things that are important to me, or things I’ve made or that I’m planning on making, are really typical, for people like myself.
  • [22:00] We are designed to work hard, we are designed to have a purpose, and the reason retirement kills people, it’s because it removes those two things.
  • [25:30] Everyone is fascinating, you just need to ask the right question…
  • [49:00] One of the gifts of being older is that you have experience, you can look back and rationally identify what works and what doesn’t. I’m interested in a lot of things, I have a perpetual mind, but I focus on the things I can make the most impact and the things that brings me the most satisfaction.