Don't Call Iggy Pop, 69, Irresponsible

Photo via Jad Oakes

Photo via Jad Oakes

The New York Times Magazine: When you see your life laid out in this way, do you start to think about your own mortality? 

Iggy Pop: Well, of course I do. Part of the experience of being my age, and particularly in my corner of my field, is that — oh, gosh, I could click off the names, but all sorts of people I’ve had a drink with, and then all the people in my group, with the exception of one, are all gone. So, obviously, I begin thinking about myself.

The New York Times Magazine: What, exactly, do you think?

Iggy Pop: Well, O.K., I’m alive. Great! So what’s good about that? That’s Question 1. Then: What is a reasonable amount of time that I can look forward to? You want to be sensible. For instance, I had a sports car, and a few years ago I realized it’s not cool for a guy over 65 with 20/40 vision to be getting ticked off when somebody’s driving less than 100 miles an hour in front of it. And so I traded it in for a dad car. A big one, though. I don’t want to become totally sensible.

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