Age Won't Stop John Cale, 74, From Rock 'N' Roll

Photo by Christian Anwander

Photo by Christian Anwander

John Cale—who at 74 is every bit as visionary and subversive as the young Welsh expat who co-founded the Velvet Underground in 1964—is not afraid of the past. One year after reworking and rereleasing his seminal 1983 album Music for a New Society, Cale is back this Friday with Fragments of a Rainy Season (Double Six / Domino), a reissue of his 1992 album of the same name. Recorded live throughout his touring in the early ‘90s, Fragments features Cale's famous "Hallelujah" cover and a slew of classics and lesser-known songs alike—including some outtakes released for the first time. 

MATT MULLEN: As you mentioned, you rereleased Music For A New Society last year, and I read that this coming spring you're going be performing Velvet Underground music. You don't seem afraid to tackle your past. 

JOHN CALE: No, but I usually tear it up. I usually try to change it all.

MULLEN: Right. So that's what I wanted to ask—how do you approach something when you're pulling from your own history and reworking it? 

CALE: Now that I'm older, I don't try to focus on other things. I try to just focus on the song. As long as I have a little humility for the material, something will happen. Something will come from that, from rediscovering the material anew.

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