Giorgio Armani, 81: "Have courage for your ideas"

Photo Archivio Alfa Castaldi

Photo Archivio Alfa Castaldi

GQ: Would you have done anything differently, looking back now?
GA: I would have had less fear. Less fear of making a mistake. It only takes a second to make a mistake, so it's a choice you have to make many times a day.

GQ: You did not start your business until you were 40. If you had a son and you were going to give him advice on creating his second act, what would you tell him?
GA: Be faithful to your ideas. Unless they are idiotic. [laughs] But: Have courage for your ideas. Try not to have a complex about your work, or to pressure yourself to find some mythic, divine, or exceptional craft. Be humble. Once the decision to do the job is made, consider the job as the director of a bank would. That is to say, with the same precise rules. Having thought this way has helped me arrive at where I am today.

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