Alejandro González Iñárritu, 52: "It’s like a marathon—there is no way you can stop; you have to finish"

Photo by Daniel Bergeron

Photo by Daniel Bergeron

Iñárritu: It’s a little bit scary how crazy I am! It could have been terrible. Everything could have gone wrong very easily… There were so many challenges every day. You become a creature of your own work. Sometimes you are God and sometimes you are a creature. And here you are just a creature surviving your own creation. And the stakes financially, the things that can go wrong in such an ambitious project, the standards were set so high, that we were trapped. I was trapped in my own rules. I couldn’t go back; I hit a wall. And if I didn’t finish, or didn’t finish the way I wanted to, then it would be a complete disaster. It’s like a marathon—there is no way you can stop; you have to finish. You feel that you are fainting, but you have to finish!

The Talks: How do you find hope in those moments?

Iñárritu: Sometimes when you lose faith and you understand that something will never be possible the way that you dreamed, but you keep trying, suddenly one thing flips and everything re-accommodates. And suddenly what was not working totally flows. When you are in a very, very tough moment of a day and a lot of frustration because nothing is happening right—but you don’t give up—and suddenly that happens! That’s almost a transcendental thing.

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