Photographer Arlene Gottfried, 56, Called New York City's Treasure

Photo by Kevin C. Downs

Photo by Kevin C. Downs

"As a photojournalist she has worked for Life, Time, Newsweek, Fortune and other magazines and been admired by generations of photo editors. Yet in all those years of taking pictures and all the miles of New York sidewalks she has trod upon, she has never had the kind of attention she is getting now.

 All of a sudden, Arlene Gottfried is hot.

'It takes a lifetime to be a new discovery, I guess,' she says.

Gottfried has recently been dubbed an 'NYC treasure' by the Gothamist  and 'a quiet storm of power' by Glitterati. Britain’s Guardian newspaper has praised the 'intimacy and wry humor' of her work, while the AnOther  blog described her photography as a 'candid and captivating ode' to New York. Last fall she had a solo exhibition at the Hardhitta Gallery in Cologne, Germany, followed by a solo show on view now at Les Douches  gallery in Paris. New York’s Daniel Cooney Fine Art  gallery showed her street photography in a 2014 show that drew television crews and newspaper reporters from around the world and on March 3 will open another exhibition, this one featuring Gottfried's photographs of New York’s Puerto Rican community. That work was originally collected in her 2011 book Bacalaitos & Fireworks." -  David Schonauer via AI-AP