Yohji Yamamoto, 72, Talks Success and Why He Won't Retire

Photo by Charlie Engman

Photo by Charlie Engman

Do you ever plan to stop one day?
I can not imagine myself retired. It must be so boring. 

Are you nostalgic?
Yes, a little bit. There is something romantic in the past. It stimulates me intellectually. But I do not rest on my laurels. I want to innovate, every season. That rhythm, that momentum, that's what keeps me going. I'm never satisfied, never happy with my work. This pursuit of "always better", that's my engine, which is something more than nostalgia . . . I always had fire in my belly. It's hard, but that weight forced me to never fall into mediocrity.

. . . For me, success is the reward for work well done. 

Interview via i-D Magazine