How Creative Director Dave Shea Adapted For The Future And Saved His Career

Photo by Nathan Skid

Photo by Nathan Skid

"'In particular, he had to fight the misconception that a creative past the age of 55 cannot be digitally savvy. 'When I started in the '80s, it was like, 'We want spots like MTV,' so we did that, and then the internet came along and for General Mills I helped create one of the first kids' websites. You just adapt. It doesn't matter if you are 65, 55 or 35. You just adapt.'

So what would Mr. Shea have done differently? 'After the article ran, there was one comment I took to heart. Somebody had written, 'Nice article, Dave, but the picture of you standing in your home office holding 'Ogilvy on Advertising' with a bunch of relics from your career wasn't the best thing. You need to surround yourself with 2012, not the 1980s.' And I thought, 'You're right. Here I am a positioning expert, and in that shot it looked as if I was positioning myself for the past and not the future.'

His philosophy today is to immerse himself in the now, and his now involves children's books." - Judann Pollack via Advertising Age