Sally Field, 70, On the Part Of Us We Have Not Discovered Yet

Photo via Time Magazine

Photo via Time Magazine

"Lourdes Garcia-Navarro: What attracted you to playing her?

Sally Field: It just so unique, it's such a unique story and a looks at so many things. It looks at age, I mean, what is age? It looks at transitioning, you know, human beings; our task in life is to constantly transition from one stage into another whether it's toddlerhood into childhood into adolescence and then young adulthood and then middle age. It's just constant movement.

And certainly as I head into this big part of my life, you say, "How do I embrace my 70s? What is there of me that I haven't experienced yet?" And that's what Doris is doing but for the first time in her life. And because she meets a very young man at a moment in her life where she thinks that's what's going to make the difference for her, that's what she wants in her life. And because she lives only in her head, she doesn't really see who she is and how old she is, not until the very end.

LGN: And what is it? You've talked about that transition that you go through at different stages of your life — what is this stage in your life right now about?

SF: I don't know, I'm just entering it. And certainly Doris is part of it. I think in a lot of ways it's my challenge to find what's there for me that I don't see right now. I know that I felt that in my 50s, I felt that in my 40s, that there's something there that I can't see yet and I can't see until I'm there, but I won't see if I'm not willing to let go of what I was and open up to what I will be.

LGN: Let's just talk a little about bravery and age. A lot of the critics have talked about your portrayal here and they've called it brave, and one of the elements they've mentioned is your appearance in the film: You look your age and apparently that in modern Hollywood qualifies as bravery.

SF: You know, isn't that sad? I mean I appreciate them saying that rather than them trying to chop me to pieces. But I'm an old woman, 70 is old, and that's OK. ...

I've gathered strength behind my years, I owned them, I've earned them, I've deserved them, I have a right to have them. And I don't like my neck, I don't like a lot of things but it's OK, it's OK. Behind my years I have value that doesn't come when you're 50 or 40 or 30 or 20, it doesn't come until you've been in that saddle for a number of years." - Interview via NPR