Robin Wright, 50, On What She Wish She Knew When She Was Younger

Photo by Julia Noni

Photo by Julia Noni

WILSON: What are your thoughts on being with a younger man? People make such a big deal out of it.

WRIGHT: It's such a shame that society has this fixation because if it was the inverse—a younger woman with an older man—not many would bat an eye. I think we roll our eyes at older men with younger women and go, "Oh, he's going through a midlife crisis and he just needs a young hot body." That's the cliché. But an older woman with a younger man—it's almost judged the way different religions judge doctrines of other religions. It's so intense. And it manipulates people. It's very infectious.

WILSON: If you could speak to yourself when you were younger, what would you say?

WRIGHT: Stop being so hard on yourself.

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