Sophia Loren, 81, Still Looks Fantastic

Photo by Armando Gallo

Photo by Armando Gallo

W Magazine: Do you plan to keep acting?
Sophia Loren: The possibility has to come of a role that I like and is true to me now. By the way, I look very well. I look fantastic. [Laughs.] I’m laughing, but everybody says so. Everybody says so! Sometimes I don’t believe them anymore, but they are very convincing. [Laughs.]

W: Oh dear. Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?
SL: No, I don’t think so. I’m very glad. But in a long, long career like I had – and by the way, I have – it’s very difficult to be able to criticize some of the moments that you do by yourself that you never tell to other people. It’s a very normal thing to do because you cannot every time have a big victory – no, there have been moments, maybe weak moments, where you did something that you are not really very happy about. If you asked me what it is, I don’t know, because I have to go through my life and it’s a very long talk then. [Laughs.]

W: What are your thoughts on aging in Hollywood, and for actresses in particular? Have you found it more difficult to get parts as you’ve aged?
SL: You are always amazed. Actually, when I was 20, I didn’t think that one day I would live to 80, but you do. You think, ‘My god, all this time went by? I can’t believe it.’ Of course, the roles change – you cannot at my age do the story of a woman of 30 or 40 years old. It’s impossible. It’s a very normal way of being in the movies all the time and changing roles. It becomes a little more difficult sometimes, but if you have faith in what you do, and if you have faith in yourself, a little time goes by and you can find the right thing for you still.

Interview via W magazine