Put It Away, Madonna: We Like Our Older Women Invisible And Devoid Of Sexuality

 Photo via Huffington Post

Photo via Huffington Post

"According to a HuffPost UK Met Gala style report, 'nearly naked' outfits were the look of the night. But while teens and 20-somethings have been widely applauded for showing some skin, the treatment of Madonna's outfit screams double standards and ageism.

After all, we can deal with female nudity, as long as a) we can commodify that body and b) that body is young. Think what you want about Madonna's outfit, but critique the outfit not her age.

For as long as I can remember, Madonna has been reduced to ridicule. Whether her toned arms were "too manly" or her dance moves in the 2005 Hung Up music video 'too thrusty', we're constantly reminded by commentators of how old Madonna is and how 'she really should know better'." - Brogan Driscoll via Huffington Post UK

Ageistageist, ageism