Apple CEO Tim Cook, 55, Says Don't Try To Please Everyone

Photo by Joe Pugliese

Photo by Joe Pugliese

What Cook found out instead is that there is no preparation for the scrutiny that comes with succeeding a legend. “I have thick skin,” he says, “but it got thicker. 

Cook taught himself, he says, to block out the noise. “I thought I was reasonable at that before, but I’ve had to become great at it. You pick up certain skills when the truck is running across your back. Maybe this will be something great that I’ll use in other aspects of my life over time.”

For his part, Cook says he has grasped that more important than answering his critics is learning to ignore them. “I’m not running for office,” he says. “I don’t need your vote. I have to feel myself doing what’s right. If I’m the arbiter of that instead of letting the guy on TV be that or someone who doesn’t know me at all, then I think that’s a much better way to live.” - Adam Lashinsky via Fortune

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