The Most Influential Chef Ferran Adriá, 54, On Happiness

 Photo via Getty Images

Photo via Getty Images

Cooking in a restaurant is always a team effort.

Most definitely. That was the heart and soul of our kitchen! Everyone who found himself there committed himself entirely.

What is your favorite restaurant? You must be incredibly picky…

That varies. I’ve never consciously had a favorite. What I enjoy is the actual process of discovery and becoming acquainted with new things, even as a guest. It is simply unbelievable what our generation is able to do in comparison to those who came before us.

Is the motto “cook from the heart” nevertheless an applicable statement for you? In any case your kitchen bears a resemblance to a sterile research laboratory.

Research always has a great deal to do with passion. If you pay close attention, you’ll realize that nearly all researchers pursue their professions passionately. It makes no difference how sterile the environment seems.

Is the creation of food more important to you than serving it?

Yes. If I didn’t see it that way I would have no perspective! I can’t make people happy if I’m not happy myself. That applies to anyone who tries to achieve something in their life: if you’re not happy, you can’t transfer any happiness to anyone else. With elBulli, the aspect of creativity was always most important for us. Worrying about whether or not people were able to experience good food and a nice time just wasn’t the point. I developed a couple smaller restaurants with my brother to do that – elBulli was always about much more.

Interview via The Talks