Founder of Diesel Renzo Rosso, 60, Says Don't Take Everything Too Serioulsy

Photo by The Talks

Photo by The Talks

The Talks: Is it important for you to maintain that balance? You don’t appear to take fashion quite as seriously as your competitors.

Renzo Rosso: Absolutely. I like to smile because life can be so sad! Recently, we had a robbery at one of our Diesel warehouses and our entire collection was stolen. The local newspaper printed a story about it, so we shared it on our social media by saying, “See? Everyone wants Diesel!” (Laughs) If you don’t smile even at the shit things, the day becomes too long. I might be known as a rebel when it comes to marketing or buying, but I’m also someone who never fights with my competitors or other people in the fashion industry. I gain respect year by year because I have a good relationship with everyone.

The Talks: Which is not very common within the industry either — especially when you are involved in multiple companies, it’s easy to step on people’s toes.

Renzo Rosso: In the fashion industry, your neighbor becomes like your enemy. Most designers hate each other, they are all jealous of one another. But me, I love to see what the other people are doing. I see my competitors and other brands around me as stimulation for me to do better.

Interview via The Talks