Sharon Stone, 58, Thinks You Shouldn't Lose Your Edge And Get Boring

Photo vie ET Online

Photo vie ET Online

"After two divorces and decades in the business, Sharon Stone isn’t looking for a casual romance. The 58-year-old actress opened up to AARP magazine about the effects of aging on both her personal and professional life.

'Obviously it's pretty easy to get a date,' she said. 'But to me, my life is so full. I don't want to take time out to just go on a date, or to just have sex with a stranger.'

As for the stereotypes that surround women getting older in the entertainment industry, the Basic Instinct actress isn’t buying them.

'I don't think we have to accept the assignment of aging, that all of a sudden you're supposed to be dowdy, with a really bad hairdo and wear Easter candy-colored clothes,' Stone, who posed nude for Harper’s Baazar last summer, added to AARP." - Rachel McRady via ET