Milton Glaser, 87, On The Phases Of Life

Photo by Nicole Bengiveno

Photo by Nicole Bengiveno

"For all the changes in his life, and the city’s, Mr. Glaser begins each morning as he has for almost 60 years, by having breakfast with his wife. 'I don’t know what I’d do without it,' he said.

A benefit of having been through boom-and-bust cycles before, he said, was knowing that the current boom will not last forever, even if the eventual reckoning may be painful. 'Everything’s a transitional period,' he said. 'There’s no such thing as a nontransitional period. I certainly wonder what’s next. Because one thing you know is it can’t go on this way.'

'We all have an intrinsic sense of fairness,' he said, 'even though we don’t live that way. And you don’t want to violate that too often without it eroding you. When you don’t respond to the condition of the world, you pay for that.' - John Leland via The New York Times