Actor Frank Langella, 78, Thinks The Recipe For Failure Is Pleasing Everyone

Photo via r8list

Photo via r8list

Frank Langella: About a decade ago something went click in my head and I thought, “If I have twenty or something years left, I’m going to live them as real as I can.” Because when I was young I was very much about artifice. I was a very good-looking man and I had a lot of hair, but those things go away. And I think I’m a little more likeable now than I was when I was younger. A lot of people didn’t like me at all. And that is fine by me. The worst thing you can lust after is popularity. The worst thing in the world is to want to be popular. I can’t give you a recipe for success, but I can give you a recipe for failure: try to please everybody.

The Talks: Sometimes it’s easier said than done.

FL: You should live your life as you wish. Particularly in these years I have a much more “live and let live” attitude about life than I had when I was younger. I let people be who they want to be and I will be who I am. I am less judgmental.

TT: How come?

FL: I think you get to a certain point where you don’t try to figure life out anymore. There is no more, “What does is mean? Where do I go?” You just figure out that you have a finite period of time and you might as well use it in the best way you can, given whatever demons came to me throughout my childhood and my life.

-Interview via The Talks