Paul McCartney, 74, Says Age Doesn't Interfere

Photo by Tom Craig

Photo by Tom Craig

Rolling Stone: Can you imagine touring like this at 80? 

Paul McCartney: It used to be that doing this at 40 seemed  ... 
Unimaginable – and unseemly. Mind you, when I was 17, there was a guy in John's art school who was 24 – who I felt so sorry for. I grieved for him [laughs]. He was so old.

Doris Day, who I know a little bit, once said to me, "Age is an illusion." I reminded her of it recently – I was wishing her a happy birthday. People say age is a number. It's a big number the older you get. But if it doesn't interfere, I'm not bothered. You can ignore it. That's what I do.

Interview via Rolling Stone Magazine