the world's most interesting man: the comeback

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Tequilla  for Astral 
Dos Equis and agency Havas invented one of the most fantastic ad campaigns and characters ever with the Most Interesting Man in The World. We loved him, everyone loved him. Then someone thought that they needed to “contemporize” the campaign. In other words, make it younger.  The Most Interesting Man of the Year 2.0 bombed, beer sales tanked, and Havas, a great agency, gets fired. Maybe they should have called AGEIST first?

This week Johnathan Goldsmith, the actor who played the original MIMITW, is in a new TV spot selling tequila with the line, “When I don’t drink beer I drink tequila.” Genius. AGEIST salutes you.  He also has a new book out: Stay Interesting: I Don't Always Tell Stories About My Life, But When I Do, They're True and Amazing.

Christal Perez