ageist EDITORs | february 1, 2018

nourish your network

In the modern world, the network is worth far more than the resume. There is evidence that as people age, their networks tend to shrink. So just as we must work harder to build the muscle tissue that will deplete with age, so we need to constantly nourish our networks. How to do it? The best article I have read on this is by master connector Chris Fralic. He thoughtfully returns 10,000 emails a year — the Dale Carnegie of our time.

Lots of us are starting our own businesses. The #1 thing to understand when you want to spread the word is the power of social. Yes, it’s a an endeavor; it requires time and effort. However, as our very successful interior design friends at Disc Interiors told me this week, “If you don’t have time to promote your business, you don’t have time for business.”