ageist editors | june 14, 2018

thinking about pharma ads

Why are pharma ads such a blight on humanity? They didn’t used to be this bad; I know, I’ve photographed a lot of medical/pharma work in my 35-year career. It was never something to hang on a wall, but it has declined in recent years to become a parody of itself — the images are now cartoon depictions of people our age.

Yes, we know all about the legal restriction they have and we do not for one second believe that is the problem. The issue is the entire sector has decided en masse to adopt the most banal, insulting, generic communications possible. 

Pharma saved my life — their drugs kept me alive for a year when I was extremely ill. Their scientists do incredible work. Let’s get the marketing and the imagery up to the level of work that the rest of the organization is doing.