ageist EDITORS | MAY 3, 2018

shared space

The age of the single career that revolves around a single office or company with a fixed 65 retirement date is over. Most of us get this. The workplace itself has morphed into wifi-enabled shared spaces, purpose built for maximum adaptability. Businesses such as AGEIST rely on a team working across time zones in multiple cities to coordinate with the best talent, linked by Skype, Slack and WhatsApp.

I never thought I would enjoy a shared community office, but it turns out that I find it fantastic. There is something about being surrounded by people, often younger but also my age, who are working on all manner of businesses that I find intensely motivating.  The idea of being stuck in a glass cubical is something I now associate with being in a diorama at the Natural History Museum.

The human race has become globally linked in a way that is changing the very nature of how we interact as a species. For AGEIST, it means that almost ½ of our audience is not in the USA. I am in contact with people who read us in Cairo, Cape Town and Guangzhou which allows us to connect the dots on how people are dealing with this new life phase across multiple cultures. Of course, it’s more demanding than just speaking with my neighbors, and it brings in the limits I have to impose on my working hours. As Darwin said, the race is not won by the swiftest, but by the most adaptable.