Father John Misty: God's Favorite Customer  Just released album makes a nice roam around the city with headphones night time soundtrack. His witty autobiographical musings of  a man not that comfortable with his own thoughts. 


Aspirational Recycling. This week in the New York Times. What is not to like about recycling? It turns out we are trying to recycle all matter of material that can’t be, which is causing all sorts of problems. Just because you feel better putting it in a blue bin doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. 


Classic Cartier Tank. Women’s watch envy. Maybe the trend of women wearing oversized men’s watches is going away? The buzz we are hearing is rather feminine classic 1917-designed Tank is back on women’s lust list. Go for the gold version on a black strap — chic. Rather than retail, we prefer doing some sleuthing and finding a gently used one for a good value — adds to the wearing experience.


Kule striped shirts M/F. Everyone seems to be wearing Breton stripes, and the ones we like best are the super fine cotton ones from Kule.


Onia swim trunks. Excellent fabric, great cut. You deserve better than the Gap.


Himalayan Pink Salt. Apparently, we have managed to put so much plastic in the ocean, that sea salt now contains a significant amount of plastic. Alternative is to get your salt from a glacier mountain source.


Portable foam roller.  We endlessly go on about fascia here, and how it gets sticky with age. These people make a short, hollow foam roller that we travel with. It takes up no room: I stuff my socks into it. After a long, immobile plane flight, this little thing is a dream.


Athletic Propulsion Labs sneakers. We have been seeing a lot of these being worn by the fashion crowd. Incredibly, the company was started by a couple of young guys who wanted to put springs in basketball shoes to get better jump height. NBA fail, but lifestyle win.


Cajun Shrimp nail color from OPI. Color counts, and getting the right color depends on your skin tone and, of course, the season. Summer is here, and our favorite go-to is the easy-to-remember Shrimp.


Ranunculus. Our favorite flower of the past year. The orange ones are the current fixation. We get them from the local wholesale flower market, chop them down to about 12 inches, add flower food, and that’s it. In-home beauty for 2 weeks.


Gboard. Constantly humiliated by your lack of thumb dexterity on a phone keyboard? I was. The solution is a Gboard, the Google keyboard that is now available on an iPhone. I can now draw the word across the keyboard without the hunt and peck of my clumsy thumbs. Game changer. Courtesy of the always-on-trend Ministry of Culture.


Atla Restaurant NYC.  Mexican-inspired tapas on Lafayette Street in NoHo. Get the herb guacamole — possibly the best guacamole anywhere. Nice room too.


Bavel restaurant. The most popular eatery in Los Angeles, Bestia, now has a sister Middle Eastern restaurant. What you need to know: the food is great, the service is other worldly with seemingly 2 tables per server, and even if you are Kanye Dragon Energy, if you arrive without a reservation they make you wait. Yes, that really happened.


Car Brokers. This is someone who you contact for a new car, and they do all the horrid dealership negotiations. All you do is sign the lease agreement at your kitchen table and they hand you the keys. It adds about 10-15$/mo to the lease, but you never have to face the "all ask my sales supervisor" moment in the dealership. Apparently this is how smart, busy famous people buy cars.


Lacrosse balls. With age, our muscle fascia sticks more readily. I started traveling with a couple of these balls years ago when I was on shoots. Sitting on them and rolling my glute is killer, but really works. I use them on my back and even my arm muscles. Simple, cheap, easy to travel with.


Nordic Naturals Omega-3 fish oil. I have taken 2 of these a day for the last 25 years. Although it’s impossible to be sure, I think this has a lot to do with why my skin is in such good condition. Good fats. We need them.


J.Crew Women’s cotton classic PJ in white or blue.  Get them tailored; they run long. 


Weighted iPhone cord.  It’s 10 ft long, which means if you are prone to reading off your phone at night, you can charge it without having to worry about pulling it out of the wall.  Nice striped cloth cord too.


Corner Office - The New York Times. Some of my best hiring practices came from here. Learn how people who get stuff done do it.


Entertaining tip: We like having people over for dinner on the roof, but in startup world, time is tight. Buy 2 rotisserie chickens for 4 people, make the salad, have cubed feta, cucumber and hummus for starters with some pre-made farro salad. Leftovers for days, and the prep time is 15 minutes.


Harpers Bazaar May 2018. We appreciate craft and excellence. To make something like this issue of Bazaar requires a level of professional skill that is world class. The effort that goes into those visuals is mind boggling — I know, I used to do that sort of work. Kudos to the “Ageless Style” section, and especially to mid-50s editor Glenda Bailey’s thoughtful piece on fashion fantasy vs human reality.


Neil Young secret tour dates. He was never top of my list to see, but when I found out I could see him in a little theater in a little town, I grabbed tickets. This is how. Go to the Neil Young Archives. Sign up and it will give you a secret code to find the tour dates and buy tickets.


Flower food. This is huge news to me: there is a product that you can add to the water of cut flowers to keep them looking good for 2 weeks. Amazing. I adore having flowers in the house, but if they die in 3 days it feels sadly wasteful. This stuff fixed that. Great value to add some beauty to your house.


Negotiating skills. Most of life involves negotiations of some sort. For a lot of us that sounds horribly painful and like a losing proposition.  For all of you, this is an excellent 5-step guide.


Local food markets. Post Bezos, I am over it with Whole Foods. What was a brilliant concept is being crushed under the Amazon system of efficiency. It’s got me taking the extra 5 minutes to drive to a remarkable and little known gem: The Cooperative Market in Culver City, with a second location in Santa Monica opened in the 70s.  All organic, all the time, better prices than Whole Foods, and people who actually care about the customer experience. Support your local market; we need them.