trevor gormley, 23 bridging the gap

ageist EDITORS | october 5, 2017


As we considering breaking the age silos that naturally occur in a workplace, the goal is to be able to separate out the particulars of age and identify with the commonality of feeling that we all share as human beings.

The step before empathy is understanding. This is where Trevor and Millennial View consultancy come in.  Helping the more established workers and supervisors understand the differences in cultures and values that are unique to millennials. Cultures have differences, we have not all had the same commonality of experience, however, we all share the same DNA, the same emotional chemistry that reacts the same way as our furthest ancestors did. It is what makes us human.

The desire to see differences between ourselves and others is hard wired into us, going back to tribal societies. The world today is global, and these ancient familial defenders are impediments. Whereas in decades past it was expected to separate and stratify the generations, today in an environment of global competition, there is a necessity for an integrated workplace, with fluid communication up and down the age column to get the most value out of all the contributors.

The young need the field of vision that years of experience give, while the more seasoned need the bold openness of the younger contributors. The responsibility of actuating this communication falls upon the more senior contributors, as not only are they most likely the decision makers, they have had the experience of having been young once themselves. To reach out and bridge the gap, they may need to become informed of the needs and semiotics of the younger people.

It is hard to empathize without at a minimum having the most basic form of communication, and although we all allegedly speak English, language, with its inherent value imbeds, may not be as clear as one would hope. We sometimes need a guide, a generational translator, and this is where Trevor comes in. He steps across the divide and to help businesses and organizations with their work forces by facilitating cross generational communications.

It has been great speaking with Trevor, and learning about his business, and how he helps bridge the gap, and help us all to understand that we all share the same human values.