ageist contributors | april 26, 2018

upcoming events

When we started AGEIST, people our age were a mystery to much of the media. We were essentially invisible. I am happy to say that the culture has moved dramatically in the last 3 years. Our community are now Instagram influencers, brands are calling AGEIST, and the people we profile are no longer thought of as rarities. I am thrilled to say that one indication of this massive shift is that I have been invited to speak at two major events in May: the prestigious PSFK conference of thought leaders May 18 in NYC, then the big show: TEDX May 19 in Asbury Park NJ. Its a massive honor, both of these, but it's sort of like the Olympics: you get one shot and you better get it right. My current state is controlled terror. I don't want to make an idiot of myself, and mostly that I don't let all of you down. Practice, lots of practicing.