ageist editors | june 14, 2018

updating your makeup with a pro

Styles change, skin changes and makeup lines change. We all have our favorite go-tos, but maybe it’s time to see if one can improve? Perhaps explore and see if there is something that may suit you better this year.  Now at Violet Grey on Melrose Place in Los Angeles, they are offering top level makeup artistry to their customers.  It’s $250, which is not cheap, but it’s about 1/8 of what it would cost to book someone of that caliber privately. The great thing is, you can use that fee to stock up on basics, including our favorite sunscreen Avène. You know that you are going to run through at least that amount of products in a year, so the fee is essentially free. Book a visit on your next trip to LA, and make sure you have good plans after.