ageist EDITORS | january 11, 2018

a call for stories

Amanda Medress’ feature a couple of weeks ago on her friendship with 69-year-old Ines Wilson resonated with a lot of you. Maybe that’s not surprising considering the unanticipated breakdown of our website readership (hint: a LOT of you are under 45). So we wanted to continue to serve that by highlighting stories of intergenerational friendship like Amanda’s.

So, help us out if you can: do you know of similar friendships or mentor-mentee relationships?

Our plan is to broaden AGEIST’s appeal ever further. We want to be a company that finds profile subjects that serve as beacons of light to those under 50. And what we’d really love is for those stories to encourage mentorships, friendships, and career connections among our community and beyond.

If you’re a fan of ours, you already know that one of the great scourges of our modern workforce is the underrepresentation of those who’ve gathered insight through decades on the job. What you might not know is how eager people under 30 are for inspiration and guidance in a constantly shifting work environment that is as unsettling for them.

So send us some ideas … if they’re strong, we’ll get after them and feature them in our newsletter. In the meantime, continue connecting with and inspiring one another in our Facebook Group.